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Our department issues and monitors permits for the Borough of Zelienople for the following:


Security Alarms - Solicitors/Transient Retail Business - Mobile Food Vendors - Alcohol on Borough Owned Property

*Please note, Special Event Permits can be found on the Borough website and are to be submitted to the Borough*

Security Alarm permits are required when you have a security alarm in your home or business and it is monitored by a third party alarm company and police assistance may be requested.

Solicitor permits are needed if you wish to peddle, solicit, take orders, for any goods or services upon any street, alley, sidewalk, public ground, fixed location, or from house to house within the Borough on a temporary basis. NOTE: If you wish to solicit goods/services during one of our scheduled events, this permit does not apply, please contact our department if you wish to peddle during a scheduled event.

Mobile Food Vendor Permits are required if you have a mobile food vending vehicle or trailer and wish to sell your food anywhere within the borough at any time.

Alcohol permits are required if you wish to serve alcohol on Borough owned property (i.e. Community Park, borough owned parking lot, etc.) during an event. 

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