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How to obtain a police report

Vehicle accidents have two classifications: reportable and non-reportable.  An accident is considered "reportable" when an injury occurs and the injured party is taken to the hospital via ambulance, or a vehicle that was involved in the accident is inoperable and must be towed. 

Non-reportable accidents typically involve an accident where there are no injuries and where the vehicle(s) involved do not need to be towed.

Reportable accident reports are completed within fifteen (15) days of the crash. In most cases, non-reportable accident reports are normally done within a few days of the incident.

If you are in need of a police incident report or a vehicle accident report, you may request so by completing our Incident Report Request Form.  There is a fee of $15 for basic incident reports and vehicle accident reports. We accept cash or check. Please mail or bring your payment and completed Incident Report Request Form to our department: 

Zelienople Police Department

111 W. New Castle St.

Zelienople, PA 16063

In some cases, a formal Open Records Request may be required. More information on public records requests is available here.

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