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All of the below events must be dispatched through 911. If you do not call 911 immediately, it could slow response time. It is important to report these events while they are happening for the fastest response from first responders.

When should I call 911?​

  • to report a suspicious vehicle or person

  • if you witness or were in a car accident

  • if you wish to speak with an officer

  • if you are a victim of, or witness a theft or break-in

  • if you witness or are in a  domestic dispute

  • to report a missing person

  • to request a welfare check

  • to report a suspected driver under the influence 

  • if you witness someone littering or loitering

  • when you witness people yelling, screaming, or fighting

  • in a medical emergency

  • to report a fire

  • to report low hanging wires
  • to report large trucks off the designated truck route
  • to report a parking/abandon vehicle complaint

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call the Mental Health Crisis Number at 800-292-3866 or text 63288 or visit the Center for Community Resources web site.

When should I call the Zelienople Police Administration Office:

  • to follow-up on an existing case

  • inquire about an Ordinance

  • inquire about a parking ticket 

  • request a copy of a police report

  • make a fingerprint appointment

  • if you have questions about parking

  • if you have a general question about the department or community

  • if you have a question about an event

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